Christian Schwarzwald

1971 * in Salzburg, lives in Vienna and Berlin.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and at the Academy of Fine Arts Athens, Greece.
Since 2017 he is professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Christian Schwarzwald is an artist. His work embodies a broad concept of graphics: It includes quick, simple sketches and notes as well as editions and paintings. He develops his works as elements of ensembles, which are presented in the form of multi-part spatial works and installations. The single sheet - as a sign - thus becomes a component of a complex system of signs. Drawing is the simplest and most direct way of recording. Even before any system of signs based on consensus, we as children master drawing as a means of expression. For Christian Schwarzwald, drawing means the beginning of the description of the world par excellence and for this very reason makes it possible to develop the most diverse formulations in the visual arts. Drawing maintains the connection to original "signs" which, regardless of their respective specific motivation, presuppose a community that communicates via uncoded recording. Drawing and graphics, by means of this directness, are able to maintain and utilize a connection with other forms of the arts, music, architecture, literature, but also philosophy. For Christian Schwarzwald, drawing is a crossroads where the most diverse currents of the visual arts meet - its particularity and strength lies precisely in keeping these connections active.


2023, pigment on canvas, 170 x 240 cm

ROLL 1-8

2023, ink, paper on aluminum framed shadow gap, each 32 x 24 cm

MONO 1-7

2022, monotype on paper, framed, each 80 x 60 cm



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