Gabi Trinkaus

1966 born in Graz
1986 Hetzendorf Fashion School
1991 University of Applied Arts, Master Class for Painting, Vienna

Gabi Trinkaus calls herself a "media thief". She cuts up glossy magazines and uses them as source material for her collages of portraits and cityscapes that refer to the aesthetics of advertising and mass media. Common poses, beauty ideals and merchandise offers are taken up and sampled in the large works. In these makeovers of faces and bodies, Trinkaus generates a superficially perfect form that lures the viewer into a visual trap, deliberately using media and advertising iconography as bait for the first glance. By drawing on an aesthetic associated with the world of advertising and famous iconic faces, Trinkaus plays with the idea of seduction in her work. Using the collage technique, she creates a Frankenstein-like resurrection of the dissected advertising subject. Like layers of make-up peeling off, the faces and bodies seem to dissolve, revealing the mask-like character of our everyday stagings of life.

In her cityscapes, Gabi Trinkaus raises questions about our private and public identities, social roles and spaces for action, which flow into the social and architectural space of cities. The brightness of the city views feeds on the offers and the supposedly glamorous world of the flashing cameras of the magazines. Between labels and text fragments, pistols and handcuffs are woven into the large-scale visual illusions alongside champagne bottles, cars and watches, pointing to the ambivalence of globalised life.

Live with bold

2014, Collage, glossy magazines on canvas, 150 x 130 cm

Exhibition view galerie gölles Gabi Trinkaus

FOUND ( 4,99 ), 2012
Collage (glossy magazines) on cotton, 220 x 290 cm

An Icon

2015, Collage of glossy magazines on paper, 78 x 93 cm


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2018 "Good Prospectives?", Gölles Gallery, Fürstenfeld
2016 "The Way We Are Told", Claire Oliver Gallery, New York
2014 "Paradise with a Limp", Claire Oliver Gallery, New York
2013 "Save the bank", Georg Kargl, Vienna
2012 "Modern Landscapes", GSA Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 "Come undone", Gallery Kunsthaus Muerz, Mürzzuschlag
2009 "Cold Cuts", FO.KU.S, Innsbruck
2008 "Mind the Gap", Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna
2009 "Gabi Trinkaus - flesh", Kunsthalle Vienna, project space, Vienna
"Gabi Trinkaus", Galleri Andersson Sandström, Umeå, Sweden
2005 "You better get the cat in", Neue Galerie Studio, Neue Galerie Graz

Group exhibitions (selection)

2016 "140/15", Galleri Andersson Sandström - Umea, Sweden
2015 "Zenita Komad, Deborah Sengl, Gabi Trinkaus", Gölles Gallery, Fürstenfeld, Austria
2015 Group Show, DNA Gallery, Berlin
2013 "5:2", Galleri Andersson Sandström - Umea, Sweden
2012 "Ground control", Kunsthaus Muerz, Mürzzuschlag
2011 "Good Prospects", 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2010 "Body Codes", Museum der Moderne Salzburg
"PressArt", The Annette and Peter Nobel Collection, St. Gallen Art Museum
2009 "Longing for the Image", Kunsthalle Krems
Burgtheater Picture Gallery: "New Works", Foyer Burgtheater, Vienna
2007 "whenever for the time being" - current works from the collection, BA-CA Kunstforum, Vienna
2006 "Reflections", Rupertinum Salzburg