Hubert Schmalix

1952 born in Graz
1971 - 1976 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna with Prof. Max Melcher
1983 first longer stay in the Philippines
1987 Moved to Los Angeles
1992 - 2005 Visiting professor at the University of California, Los Angeles
1999 - 2006 Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Schmalix's work of the early 1980s belongs to the international movement of the Neue Wilde, later the painting process becomes more constructively concentrated. The artist understands the picture surface as an arrangement of colour surfaces between figuration and abstraction. Graceful figures become formal islands surrounded by generous, monochrome zones. Schmalix's departure from the "new wild painting" opens up new possibilities for him to expand his pictorial syntax, to concentrate his vocabulary and to play it out in ever new "picture texts".

This goes hand in hand with a planned application of paint and a clearly thought-out pictorial structure that is as aware of the possibilities of decoration as it is of subtle mannerisms and plays with the appeal of a seemingly mechanical way of doing things as well as with its subtle breaking through.

From the very beginning, the nude took on a central role in the painter's pictorial world, erotic, often even lascivious and flirting with pornography. However, Schmalix undermines the sensual, inviting dimension by breaking it with his flat painting and relativising the illusionary appearance of the object. The protagonists become painterly signs, stencils that run serially through the artist's pictures - separated or as a kind of module in the larger picture group, paired with floral, ornamental or landscape elements.

(Florian Steininger)

Lying on Her Side

2015, oil on canvas, 175 x 130 cm

Ausstellungsansicht galerie gölles Hubert Schmalix

2015, oil on canvas, je 175 x 130 cm


2017, oil on canvas, 90 x 70 cm


EXHIBITIONS (selection since 1993)

1993 AlphaOmega, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Los Angeles (EA) / Biennale di Venezia (GA)
1997 Thomas Erben Gallery, New York (EA)
2000 Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles (EA)
2001 Peter Bartlett Gallery, Los Angeles (EA) / Austrian Gallery Belvedere, Vienna (GA)
2002 Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna (EA) / Atelier Augarten - Belvedere Gallery, Vienna (EA)
2003 "Grandes Pasiones", Gallery Bleich-Rossi, Graz (EA) / Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz (EA)
2004 Essl Collection, Klosterneuburg (GA)
2005 Rupertinum, Salzburg (GA), Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica (EA) / Traklhaus, Salzburg
2006 Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld (EA)
2007 New Gallery at the Landesmuseum Joanneum Graz (EA)
2008 Albertina Vienna (GA)
2011 Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus
2012 Lentos, Linz, "The Naked Man" (GA)
2013 Museum Würth, Künzelsau, "A.E.I.O.U." (GA)
2014 MABINI, Manila (EA)
2015 Bank Austria Kunstforum, Vienna (EA)
2015 Gölles Gallery, Fürstenfeld, " In Deep Trouble" (EA)
2016 Kunstraum St. Virgil, "St. Paul and other pictures" (EA)
2017 Museum Liaunig, Neuhaus, "Continuity and Breaks" (GA)
2018 Galerie Gölles, Fürstenfeld, "Good Prospectives?" (EA with Gabi Trinkaus)
2021 Schloss Parz, Grieskirchen (EA)