Julia Haugeneder

1987 * in Vienna
2011-2019 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna AT, studies of graphic and printmaking (Christian Schwarzwald, Gunter Damisch, Veronika Dirnhofer) and art and digital media / as well as art and digital media (Constanze Ruhm), diploma with distinction
2009-2014 studies of theater, film and media science, University of Vienna,
2009-2011 fotok, school for artistic photography, Vienna
2005-2010 University of Vienna, studies of art history and philosophy, diploma 2011
since 2008 founding member of BILDETAGE - artist run space, 1030, Vienna
since 2017 member of Kunstverein Baden A

Each material is associated with a set of cultural memories and events - these peculiarities are the starting point for Julia Haugeneder's sculptures and installations, with which she explores what we call "object" and what relationships can be formed with it.

Folding 375

2023, bookbinding glue, artificial hair, wood wool, cotton, 40 x 40 x 15 cm

Folding 378 + 379 + 380 (dry rot)

2023, bookbinding glue, nylon, cotton, wood wool, synthetic hair, 300 x 27 x 25 cm

Folding 382 (dry rot)

2023, bookbinding glue, synthetic hair, wood wool, 90 x 15 x 15 cm


2023 Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Gallery, Vienna, A (s)
2023 Neue Galerie Graz, A (s)
2023 Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld, A
2023 never@home, Vienna, A
2022 In detail, the world of conservation and restoration, Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck, A
2022 Betwixt and between, Kunstverein Baden at NoeDOK, A
2022 Art Award of the Province of Lower Austria, NoeDOK, A
2022 Art Cologne, Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, GER (s)
2022 Geisterpop/ultation, Kunstverein Eisenstadt, A
2022 Skulpturengasten, Parallel, Vienna, A
2022 Skukpturengarten 2022, Gmunden, A
2022 curated by ARTIST PROJECT GROUP "What Can Artists Do Now?", Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna, A
2022 Fender, Gallery Sophia Vonier, Salzburg, A (s)
2022 how exactly like the object how beautiful! how exactly like the object how ugly, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, A
2022 air 101 @ Church, Gmunden, A
2022 SOUVENIR, Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Vienna, A (s)
2022 DOK Lower Austria, with Kunstverein Baden, St. Pölten, A
2022 Collection exhibition Landesgalerie Niederösterreich, Krems, AT
2022 Collection exhibition Museum der moderne Salzburg, AT
2022 Figurative/Abstract, DOK Lower Austria, St. Pölten, AT
2022 Kammerhofmuseum, Gmunden, AT
2022 Exhibition participation ARCO Madrid with Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, E
2021 Exhibition participation Art Cologne, DEU
2021 Sculptures, Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman Innsbruck, A
2021 a brief affaire, Gallery 5020 Salzburg with Projektraum Viktor Bucher, A
2021 Parallel Vienna with Kunstverein Baden, A
2021 In the balance, Badner Kunstverein, A
2021 Ave #8, magazine (original Linolcut publication), Vienna, A
2021 me and the place, fluc, Vienna, A
2021 Parallel Edition, fair, represented by Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman and Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna, A
2021 Encounter #4, project space Viktor Bucher, Vienna, AT
2021 pending objects I+II, Gallery 5020 Salzburg, AT and newnow artspace, Frankfurt, GER
2021 Julia Haugeneder - Arnold Reinthaler, Badener Kunstverein, AT
2021 idyll, blue, Gallery Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck, AT (S)
2021 black & white, NÖ Art, curated by Silvie Aigner, traveling exhibition Lower Austria, AT
2020 Zuckerlgschäft, with Sarah Fripon, Kunstraum Super, Vienna, AT
2020 JULIA, with Julia Brennacher, Gallery Sophia Vonier, Salzburg, AT
2020 art fair with Projektraum Viktor Bucher, artist-statement (solo), Parallel, Vienna, AT
2020 Futur 3 festival, Kiel, GER
2020 Poolhouse, art-lodge, Carinthia, AT (S)
2020 Superficial, project space Viktor Bucher, Vienna, AT
2020 Vehicle, Library Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, AT
2019 flooring, MUSA, Startgalerie, Vienna, AT (S)
2019 Asynchron, Quellenstraße 2a, Vienna, AT
2019 art fait with Parnass, Parallel, Vienna, AT
2019 Love is by its very nature... probably the most powerful of all anti-political forces, Badner Kunstverein, AT
2019 Final Projects Vol. II, Xposit, Vienna, AT
2019 Popcorn, Bureau veritas, Vienna, AT
2019 Outer spaces of other places, Library Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, A
2019 They mean it politically! 100 years of women's suffrage in Austria, Volkskundemuseum Vienna, AT
2018 Clinamen, Gellertstraße (pop-up space) Karlsruhe, GER
2018 LOOSE BUT TIGHT, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2018 how to live together, Kunstfabrik Groß-Siegharts, AT
2018 Exhibition at Schaustelle (group exhibition), Vienna, AT
2018 AiR Kunsthalle Exnergasse, presentation and artist talk, Vienna, AT
2018 GOODBYE ALBRECHTSFELD - Artist in Residence Program, Bäckerstraße 4, Vienna, AT
2017 How did we manage to drink the sea, Galerie 5020 Salzburg, AT
2017 dobedobedobe, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2017 The memory of tomorrow, Kunstverein Baden, AT
2017 Small Society for Relics, Hamburg, GER