Robert Schaberl

1961 born in Feldbach, Styria, A
1979-85 Art education at the Mozarteum University of Applied Sciences
2007 First prize in the invited competition "Art and Building at the New Chemistry" at the Graz University of Technology, A
1997 State Scholarship for Fine Arts
1984 First prize for originality in the "Sound Machines Competition", Dornbirn, A
2007 Art and Building, design of the glass façade "Neue Chemie" at the Graz University of Technology, A

Painting for painting's sake - Robert Schaberl's central forms.

Seeing is always presence and demands passionate devotion; both of the creator and the viewer. If this is true for colour field painting in general, it is especially true for the constantly changing, newly created spatial sound formations of Robert Schaberl, born in Feldbach, Styria, in 1961. His studies of painting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg were followed in 1985 by a stay in America, where he first came to grips with the pictorial idea that still drives him today. From the mostly black oil paintings of the early 1990s to the colourful monochrome works of the Berlin years, which were also painted in oil, to the shimmering glazes of colour consisting of 60-70 layers of acrylic, to the shiny, rotating colour cosms consisting of interference pigments of recent years, his path is a continuous one. Since it is basically the consistent further development of his pictorial idea, Schaberl calls all these "central forms". His perseverance was rewarded in 1997 with the State Scholarship of the Republic of Austria and in 2007 with winning the Art in Building Competition of the Graz University of Technology and the associated commission for the artistic design of the 3000m2 façade of the new building.

Schaberl's core question is: How do materials and forms interact to create a unique, complete sound? (The second core question is where he finds the best mushrooms, but this belongs to another form of artistic exploration). So, in order to answer this simple, but in the consequence of its consequences unforeseeable question about the perfect sound, he experiments in his Viennese laboratory and creates an immediate painting. And there is no end in sight to this development. For the artist always succeeds in turning the tension screw a little further and seducing us with new sensory impressions, delighting us and keeping us in motion. By using Iriodin colours for some years now, he forces the viewer to move back and forth in front of the paintings, because depending on the position of the sun, the light conditions and the position of the viewer, completely different shades of colour are revealed, which can range from light blue to green to rusty red. Especially in our time of rapid change, it becomes clear how important works of art are that can lead us, plagued by a flood of images, to decelerated seeing and reflected action. With his central forms, the artist gives us the opportunity to discover painted space as an aggregate state that is brought to life by the viewer in the process of seeing. But - and this is what is special and unique about viewing a work by Robert Schaberl - only those who move experience the full richness of the hidden worlds of colour, the pulsation of the glazes and the opening of space to the sound of colour. In the two works shown here, the intense radiant powers of the colours (individually and as a whole), the grandiose explosive power of the spatial effect, but also the enormous fascination that Robert Schaberl's painting exerts on us for the sake of painting.

© Dr. phil. Harald Kraemer, Hong Kong / Basel 2014

ZF aubergine dance with soft green and blue

2-4 2016, acrylic on cotton, 100 x 100 cm

Exhibition view galerie gölles Robert Schaberl

ZF bright blue dance with light green and purple, Acrylic on cotton, each 160 x 160 cm

ZF leaf green dance with soft blue and purple

2-3 2016, acrylic on cotton, 100 x 100 cm



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