Suse Krawagna

1964 born in Klagenfurt / Austria, lives in Vienna
1983-1988 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Prof. Arnulf Rainer
1988-1990 Resides in London, Royal College of Art


2015 Prize of the City of Vienna
2004 Agrolinz Melamine Award - lines on paper, 2nd prize
2000 Strabag Art Promotion Prize for Painting
1999 Anton Faistauer Prize for Painting of the Province of Salzburg
26th Austrian Graphics Competition, Innsbruck, Prize of the Raiffeisen Bank
1997 Römerquelle Art Competition, 3rd prize
1993 Prize of the Carinthian Savings Bank
1987 Max Weiler Prize
1986 Römerquelle Art Competition, Discovery Prize
1985 Master School Prize

In the still dominant figurative painting scene, Suse Krawagna takes a decisive "counter-position". It is less the strikingly seeming motivic and narratively nameable picture codes, but more an analytical visualisation of fundamental abstract elements of painting: trace, composition, surface, space, colour. This abstract strategy has been a constant quality since the beginning of the history of non-representational painting, initiated by Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian. Today, it is no longer a question of the new, the avant-garde, the purist as an answer to conventional naturalistic figurative academicisms, but of a commitment to the values of abstract painting, and with it to generate independent pictorial designs in gradual zones. It is a quiet dialogue with the picture in the working process, a working out of coherent, balanced creations. The abstract image no longer has to justify itself or claim to be the medium with the leading style. It exists in subdued volume in the pluralistic visual world of today - perhaps as a meditative, calming "counter-world" in our stimulus-flooded society.

Text excerpt Florian Steininger


2015, acrylic and coloured pencil on canvas, 200 x 160 cm


2016, acrylic and coloured pencil on canvas, 200 x 160 cm


2017, acrylic and coloured pencil on canvas, 260 x 200 cm



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