Alfred Haberpointner

Born in Ebenau near Salzburg (AT)
Technical school for sculpture in Hallein (AT)
University of Design Linz (AT)
Award of the University of Design Linz (AT)
Regular trips to Italy
Several stays in Cologne (DE)
Working scholarship of the province of Salzburg in Paris (FR)
Theodor Körner Prize for the Promotion of Science and Art, working scholarship of the Province of Salzburg
Working scholarship of the Federal Ministry of Austria in New York (USA)
Working scholarship of the Province of Salzburg in New York (USA)
Promotion Prize of the Province of Upper Austria

Haberpointner makes wooden sculptures that oscillate between an abstract geometric form and a concrete figurative image. He chops, saws and stains to create innovative art objects, liberated from the roots of naturalistic wood sculpture shaped by craftsmanship. In doing so, he succeeds in developing a contemporary context with the simple material of wood.

Powerful mechanical processing deliberately leaves traces on the works.
By beating, chopping, sawing and burning, textures are created that condense into a graphic surface, lacking any mathematical rigour and unfolding a special aura.
Stains are sprayed on one side of the relief-like structures of the wall objects, so that transitions between surface and space, the simultaneity of specific qualities of image and object come to life.

Alfred Haberpointner's works are increasingly present internationally. Among others, in Dubai, Paris and most recently in Miami.


2016, Aspenwood, Acrylic, 38 x 27 x 21 cm

Ausstellungsansicht galerie gölles Alfred Haberpointner

gallery gölles


2016, spruce wood, stain, 100 x 123 cm


Solo exhibitions

Gallery Academia , Salzburg (AT)
Gallery Reckermann, Cologne (DE),
Gallery Figl, Linz (AT)
Gallery Academia, Salzburg (AT),
Künstlerhaus - Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz (AT)
Gallery Chobot , Vienna (AT),
"Haberpointner" - Paintings and Sculptures", Kunstverein Klagenfurt (AT)
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Gallery Figl , Linz (AT),
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Gallery Chobot, Vienna (AT)
Gallery Reckermann, Cologne (DE),
Gallery Academia, Salzburg (AT)
Oskar Kokoschka Gallery, Prague (CZ),
Gallery Chobot, Vienna (AT)
Gallery Reckermann / Cologne (DE),
"Arsenal of Heads" Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage / Cologne (DE),
Gallery Chobot / Vienna (AT)
"Concrete Transformations", Museum Würth, Künzelsau (DE),
MAM Gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Salzburg (AT),
Gallery Chobot, Vienna (AT)
Gallery Eugen Lendl, Graz (AT)
"Alfred Haberpointner", Würth Art Room / Böheimkirchen (AT),
Gallery Renate Bender / Munich (D)
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna (AT)
"Hercules friend's" Kollegienkirche, Salzburg and Kunstraum St. Virgil , Salzburg (AT)
"Alfred Haberpointner - Træsformationer", Würth Cultural Forum, Kolding (DK),
Schmidt Gallery , Reith in Tirol (AT),
Gölles Gallery, Fürstenfeld (AT)
MAM Gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Salzburg (AT),
Gallery Chobot, Vienna (AT),
"Alfred Haberpointner at the Cistercian Abbey of Wilhering", Wilhering Castle, Linz (AT)
Gallery C-Art / Dornbirn (AT),
"Heads Sculptures and Drawings", Museum Beelden aan Zee (NL)
"The Hook of Sculpture", Gerhard Marcks House / Bremen (DE)
"The Hook of Sculpture", Upper Austrian State Gallery, Linz, (AT)
"Texture - Structure - Space", Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna
Gallerie Chobot , Vienna (AT)
Gölles Gallery, Fürstenfeld (AT)
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Gallery 422 /Gmunden (AT)
Gallery Von und Von / Nuremberg (DE)
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art - Vienna (AT)
Helene Bailly Gallery - Paris (FR)
Gallery Quintessens - Utrecht (NL)
Gallery Chobot - Vienna (AT)
Galerie im Feuerwerk - Fügen (AT)
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg, (AT)
Espacio Micus, Ibiza (ES)
Gallery Schmidt, Reith / Tyrol, (AT)
Opera Gallery, Dubai, (AE)
Helene Bailly Gallery, Paris (FR)
Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art, Salzburg, (AT)
Scheffel Gallery, Bad Homburg, (DE)
Gallery 422, Gmunden, (AT)
Opera Gallery, Zurich (CH)
Opera Gallery, Miami, (USA)
Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld, (AT)
Opera Gallery, Geneva, (CH)
Gallery Kovacek-Zetter, Vienna, (AT)
Gallery Renate Bender , Munich, (DE)
Salzburg Museum, Salzburg, (AT)
Gallery Mario Mauroner, Salzburg, (AT)

Group exhibitions

"Austrian contemporary art of the 20th century", Gallery Academia / Salzburg (AT)
"Austrian Art", Museum Würth / Künzelsau (DE)
Art Decouvert 1993", Grand Palais, Paris (FR)
"Young Art from Austria", MAM Gallery Mario Mauroner,
Salzburg (AT),
"Abstract Tendencies", Museum Würth , Künzelsau (DE),
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Poetry and Suggestion", Gallery Academia, Salzburg (AT)
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The Huberte Goote Gallery, Zug (CH)
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"Time - Timeless", Egon Schiele Art Centre / Krumau (CZ)
"The Nature of Things", Kunstraum Dornbirn (AT),
"Approach to Construction", Kunsthalle Erfurt (DE)
"Connecting Worlds", J. F. Kennedy Center, Washington D. C. (USA)
"Insight - Outlook - Overview", Kunsthalle Würth,
Schwäbisch Hall (DE),
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Creative Density" Art Room Würth, Böheimkirchen (AT)
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Art Paris, Art Karlsruhe, Art Austria, Art Miami, Vienna Art Contemporary, Art Fair Köln, Art Elysee /Paris
Blickachsen 11, Bad Homburg, (DE),
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Exquisite works from the Kunstkammer Würth, Domquartier, Salzburg, (AT)
"The Monaco Masters Show ", Opera Gallery, Monaco (MCO)
"Concrete Transformations" Gallery at Lindenplatz, Vaduz (FL)
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25th anniversary of Galerie Schmidt, Reith / Tyrol, (AT)
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