Andreas Leikauf

Born 1966 in Judenburg, Austria.
Studied painting and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Andreas Leikauf fishes in the dustbin of Americanised pop culture and presents the scenes and characters he finds with a powerful drive that has no time for flourishes.
Masterful quotations and multiple reflections in the manner of rock music turned reflexive.
The priming and black give them volume, dark glow.
For this art, history is not a highway with a need to overtake. Motifs from the 1950s are revived with stylistic means from the 60s in the spirit of the 80s and fed into the 21st century. Past, present and future interpenetrate each other in different directions.
in such loops, Leikauf retells culture-industrial myths anew and against the grain, tells of loneliness, boredom, conformity, commerce and injustice, of anger at the prevailing conditions, of witty subversion, music and revolts against whatever.

(Karl Baier)


2017, Acrylic on Molino, 100 x 140 cm

Exhibition view galerie gölles Andreas Leikauf

Friendly People, 2018, Acrylic on Molino, 140 x 200 cm, Photo Marie Jecel

It's our own fault

2017, Acrylic on Molino, 40 x 50 cm


Solo exhibitions selection

2019 Hilger Gallery, Vienna (catalogue)
ÖBV, Vienna
2018 Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld
Werkstadt Graz
2017 Project Space Viktor Bucher, Vienna (with S. Mathewson)
2016 Schultz Contemporary, Berlin
Hilger Gallery, Vienna (catalogue)
Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld
2013 Hilger Gallery, Vienna
2012 Gallery Schafschetzy, Graz (with B. Tragut)
2011 Hilger Gallery, Vienna (catalogue)
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Anima Gallerí, Reykjavik
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GAS Gallery, Torino (catalogue)
2005 Espacio Liquido, Gijon
Gallery Bob Gysin, Zurich
2004 Hilger Contemporary, Vienna (with B. Tragut) (catalogue)
2003 Gallery Binz&Kraemer, Cologne (with S. Weissenbacher)
Webster University, Vienna
2002 "Hurray!" Atelier 96, Vienna (with W.Herbst)
2001 "Have a nice day!" artLab, Vienna (catalogue)
"My first million" Neue Galerie (Studio), Graz (catalogue)
2000 Atelier 96, Vienna
1999 SCA, Vienna
1997 Gallery Cult, Vienna
1996 Werkstadt Graz (catalogue)
1994 Room for Art Peinlichgasse 14, Graz
Otto Wagner Pavilion, Vienna
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1992 Press Club Gallery, Graz
Joanneum Corner Hall, Graz
Würthle Gallery, Vienna (with R.Heller and H.Schubert)
2020 "was leid tut" Klosterneuburg Abbey (catalogue)
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