Constantin Luser

1976 born in Graz (Austria)

1995-1999 Industrial Design, FH Joanneum, Graz
1999-2001 Conceptual Art with Renee Green, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
1999-2004 Visual Media with Brigitte Kowanz, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Prizes and scholarships

2007 Boston Consulting & Belvedere Prize for Contemporary Art
2006 T-Mobile Studio Grant

2005 Paris Scholarship of the Federal Chancellery
2003 Production Scholarship of the City of Graz State Scholarship Fine Arts
2002 Fred Adlmüller Scholarship of the University of Applied Arts Vienna
2001 Work Scholarship of the Federal Chancellery Airfield Scholarship Forum Stadtpark, Graz

Known for his drawings, the Austrian artist Constantin Luser deals with fine wire formations made of brass, which float in the air and rotate around themselves, offering the viewer an infinite number of perspectives. The sculptures are an extension of the multiple line, which he takes from parallel-guided pencils in drawing, into the three-dimensional.

"It's a transition, from wall to space, and the different wire thicknesses naturally correspond to different line thicknesses. At the same time, the spatial drawings are a continuation of the drawings on another level, also into the social, because we can realise them as a team."

Luser's interactive instrument sculptures go further into the social realm, where the viewer is invited to send sounds and vibrations into the room. In this way, the multiple line is translated from drawing to sculpture to sound.


2018 , brass hard soldered and partly lacquered, ca 130cm x 60cm x 60cm

Sex on the Beach III (The Dream)

2019, Mixed media on Alu Dipond board, 150 x 145 cm

Exhibition view galerie gölles Constantin Luser

Sound shower, 2019, brass, 188 x 31 x 34 cm



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