Josef Wurm

Born 1984 in Fürstenfeld
1999 to 2002 at the HTBLA Ortwein/Graphics and Design.
Since 2010 freelance artist, from 2013 to 2020 in Budapest, now lives and works in Austria again.

Josef Wurm turns those joints and threads of the world that hold together the romantic key points of gloom and everyday life. Fearless colours and a bold calm dwell on the canvases in which noble spirits and admirals sated with madness, tame beasts and lost faces ceaselessly transform each other. The images are tilting pictures and the meanings break before the eyes, but the aesthetics remain. Wounds and miracles, dreams and ruins cannot be distinguished from each other and Wurm paints the thousand faces behind the masks, sky and human flesh, as if they were the same. He burrows earthily into the beautiful bowels of the world and does not take reality too seriously. The fine-limbed circus madness gapes at the paper, the memento mori does not admonish but excites, the figures hunger on and starve of the world, and finally the viewer's gaze finds the images as if going home.
(Valerie Fritsch)


2021, mixed media on canvas, 200 x 300 cm

ROOM FOR YOUNG ART gallery gölles

Josef Wurm


2021, mixed media on canvas, 100 x 80 cm


"Fusion" / Forum Stadtpark, Graz
"FOUR ELEMENTS 07"/ Forum Stadtpark, Graz
"Refused" Window Gallery / Central St. Martins School of Art, London
"leg-hard"/ Graz
"FNOREND" with Oliver Toman / INOPERABLE, Vienna
"without mercy" / Graz, Vienna, Berlin
"transferred into the system" solo / Bei Uns, Klagenfurt
"Cosmopolitan Art Tour" / Brussels
"SAFE?" with Markus Wilfling / Kolonie Wedding, Berlin
"NICE TO MEAT YOU" solo / Park, Graz
"SAFE?" / Schaumbad / Graz
"Urban Art Pilots" / Intro Graz Spection / ORF Landesstudio, Graz
"Street Lab" / Kulturhafen, Berlin
"We are beggars" / City Museum, Graz
"UNSICHER?" / Stony Weir, Styria
"Departure, Demolition" / Hernals / Vienna
"Josef Wurm" Solo / Academy Graz
"Presence of Absence" Solo / Gallery ArtMeetingpoint, Graz
"Urban Artschool" / Rotor, Graz, Maribor
"collaborate instead of collapse" / Graz, Vienna
"LAND - urban in sight" / die Mühle, Schwarzau i. Styria
Artist in Residence / "Atelier im Schwimmbad" / Wies
Fatamorgana" solo / Kunsthalle Graz
Art Placc" / Contemporary Art Festival, Tihany
"Josef Wurm" solo / BKK, Százhalombatta
"Atom for Artists" solo / galerie GALERIE, Vienna
"Nestle in" / Kolonie Wedding, Berlin "Watercolour Triennial 2014" / Eger
"Josef Wurm" solo / NNI Galeria, Baja
"SzubREÀL" / MAMÜ Galeria, Budapest "PROMENÁD" / MÜSZI, Budapest "Art Bodensee "Art Fair / galerie GALERIE, Voralberg "Cibus in Fabula"/ EXPO 2015, Milano
"EXWAX" Solo / Puccs Contempory, Budapest
"Styrian Power" / Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt
"Josef Wurm" solo / Kisüzem, Budapest
"not dark yet" / Kunsthaus Mürzzuschlag
"MIKRO MAKRO" / OKK (Austrian Cultural Forum), Budapest
"everything flows home body death life" / Grünspan, Carinthia
"freedom will have been an episode" / Austrian Cultural Forum, New York
"David Reumüller & Josef Wurm" / Bachlechner Gallery, Graz
"ScurtCircuit1" / Diptych Artspace, Bucharest
"Ember Kép" / MAMÜ Galeria, Budapest
Josef Wurm ROOM FOR YOUNG ART Solo / Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld