Thomas Stimm

1948 born in Vienna
1968 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
1974 Assistant to Prof. Max Weiler

The flower has virtually become a "trademark" in Stimm's work. It stands for growth power and is a tongue-in-cheek, almost literal throwback to the flower power lifestyle of the flower children of the late sixties. This artist's works are characterised by a condensed mode of representation that seemingly operates with the simplicity of a brand. Stimm finds his models in comics and those art forms that - like Pop Art - prefer the everyday to the significant. This seemingly catchy language of form, oriented towards the emblem, does not remain on the surface, however, but proves to be open and resistant. The radiantly opulent colourfulness of his sculptures alone attracts the viewer's attention again and again.

Over time, Stimm condensed the statement more and more into individual objects. He created his real trademark from the 1990s onwards with almost childishly simple meadow pieces, fruit, blossom and flower sculptures. Plants, in particular, represented a challenge for him, not least because of his artistic work on the consistent shifting of relationships, to dare to approach the large scale again.
He himself sees these art plants first and foremost as "steles" - in other words, quite classical sculptural bodies. In this way, he says, "they have something to do with nature, but also with people, insofar as they also have something stele-like - as standing on a small ground surface". And to go one step further: In this way, the sculptures are explicitly infiltrated into the social circuit and become an element of public space.


2015, aluminium, car paint, 199 x 87 x 57 cm

Exhibition view galerie gölles Thomas Stimm

Rowan berry, 2015, aluminium, car paint, 132 x 100 x 108 cm

Water lily

2014, aluminium, lacquer, 120 x 165 x 35 cm



2015 Artbox, MQ Vienna
Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld
2012 Gallery Andreas Binder, Munich
2012 Artelier Contemporary, Graz
2011 Gallery Altnöder, Salzburg
2010 Municipal Gallery Erlangen
2010 Gallery Christine König, Vienna
2008 Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation, Vienna
2007 Hengevoss-Dürkop Gallery, Hamburg
2007 Gallery St. Georg, Istanbul
2006 Gallery Carla Stützer Cologne
2006 Gallery Gölles, Fürstenfeld
2002 Museum Ludwig Cologne


2020 Sculptures - Triennale Bingen, Bingen on the Rhine
2015 Still Life Today, Museum of Modern Art Carinthia, Klagenfurt
2014 Armchair, Chair, Stool, Traklhaus Salzburg
2013 Flowers & Mushrooms, Museum der Moderne Salzburg
2013 10 Years Lentos, Lentos Art Museum Linz
2013 A.E.I.O.U. Würth Collection, Künzelsau
2012 The Naked Man, Lentos Art Museum Linz
2009 Reality check - KölnSkulptur 5, Sculpture Park Cologne
2009 Focus Natur, Museum of Contemporary Art, Admont Monastery
2009 Spotlight, Museum of Modern Art Salzburg
2006 European Ceramic Context, Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark
2006 A Common Place, Lentos Art Museum Linz
2005 Art in Chocolate, Museum Ludwig Cologne