Wolfgang Wiedner

1953 born in Feldbach
1973 - 79 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Prof. Walter Eckert

Thoughts on Wolfgang Wiedner's painting

The seemingly arbitrarily selected moments of art historical development are intended to provide a foil against which Wolfgang Wiedner's painterly work can be received. Wiedner is influenced by the "New Painting" of the 1980s, which, in the spirit of postmodernism, revisited the vocabulary of past developments. His art naturally takes place against the background of the history of painting, which is available as a reference. The painters of his environment already mentioned have also consciously taken up art-historical formulations, used them in a quotation-like manner, as it were, and subsequently varied them.
In his latest presentation, Wiedner summarises essential moments of his art. He again shows studio scenes, everyday objects, landscapes, flowers, fruits, houses, animals but also reduced geometric forms such as spheres and coloured surfaces. These motifs come together to form sensitive records of his own surroundings, but also open up to surreal-seeming pictorial conceptions in which the familiar objects float in strictly arranged formations above the realistically painted landscape. He isolates certain pictorial elements, multiplies them in a manner similar to Pop Art and combines them into new compositions. This creates an enigmatic impression of what is seen, which leads familiar things to unexpected contexts. These seemingly surreal representations dissolve completely in other paintings, for example, when the artist reproduces with captivating virtuosity the simplest of subjects - a blossom, a bird, a seemingly insignificant and unspectacular landscape or a pot smeared with paint from his own studio. This happens on a highly sensitive level, so that the banal object becomes a special gem. Wiedner manages to express the emotional content of the motif. As in the tradition of still life painting, the individual objects are rendered as if they were portraits. The "mood impressionist" turns a single bird sitting on a branch, an inconspicuous blossom or an unnoticed section of the landscape into a special situation. Often it is his own longing and subjective emotionality that turns these simple subjects into extraordinary places. Wiedner succeeds impressively in rendering this stillness and contemplativeness without any pathos. Nothing heroic, nothing idealising and no spectacle can be found behind Wiedner's pictorial conceptions. But if you think of Edouard Manet's small depiction of an asparagus, you are very close to this painting. The artist, who lives in the countryside, is connected to a certain reality of the place, draws from it, as it were, and experiences it in an emotional visuality. The authenticity of the place and the delicacy of the painting, which are so characteristic of Wiedner's work, should not, however, obscure the fact that the artist analyses pictorial possibilities on a meta-level, with which he seems to question reality and its representation through his painting.
Wiedner does not criticise obviously and explicitly. The artist transfers criticism into the realm of the visual and attempts to discuss events within the medium of painting. In doing so, he remains within a tradition of representational painting that does not seek to expand the medium, but rather its pictorial possibilities of effect. Thus Wiedner's painting can also be understood to a certain extent as "painting about painting".

Text excerpt Günther Holler-Schuster

Landscape with 14 cans

2019, oil on canvas, 150 x 115 cm


2020, oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm

at the schwabengraben

2019, oil on canvas 75 x 90 cm



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